God’s Will Is To Always Restore and Heal

The Father has a relentless desire for the restoration of anything, at any moment in time, at any level.  The entire new covenant is about Jesus accomplishing what was necessary for all things to be restored back to the way it was in the garden of Eden before the fall.  Where there is still much work to be done and still a manifestation of His kingdom to be realized on earth on a mass scale, our Father God’s main focus has been restoration since the tragic event in the garden, and nothing rings sweeter to a pursuing believer’s ear then those words Jesus spoke right before He died on the cross: “It is finished!”

Jesus demonstrated the Father and the Father’s will precisely during His life and ministry.  As believers, we need to understand that Jesus was the exact expression of the Father to mankind.  If we can’t see something in the life and/or ministry of Christ, we can not attribute that something to the Father.  On the other hand, if we do see something in the life and/or ministry of Christ, we absolutely must attribute that to the Father.

Hebrews 1:3  “The Son is the radiance of God’s glory and the exact representation of his being, sustaining all things by his powerful word.”

Colossians 1:15  “The Son is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all creation.”

The Father is expressed in three persons towards mankind – God the Father, Jesus His Son, and His Holy Spirit – three persons with one nature – the nature of the Father which is love.  Jesus is the exact representation of His being.  He is the exact representation of love.

So having established this foundation, we only need to look at the life and ministry of Jesus to know without a doubt that it is ALWAYS God’s will to restore and heal.  We need not ask if it is God’s will for a particular person to come to know Him.  We need not ask if it is God’s will to restore our marriages.  We need not ask if it is God’s will to restore the relationship with our children, our parents, our brother, our sister, etc.  YES!  It is His will and not only is it His will, He as given to us who believe the ministry of reconciliation as Paul describes in 2 Corinthians 5.

Then what about physical healing?  There’s so much rhetoric among believers as to whether or not it is the Father’s will to heal a particular person.  In fact, it grieves me that some actually believe that the amazing restorative miracle and manifestation of God’s love and kingdom through healing is not applicable to our present day lives.  And then there are many who believe that God chooses to heal some and not to heal others and in so doing, accomplishes His greater overarching sovereign will.

Jesus is the exact representation of the Father and neither of these positions is supported by His Word.  I can’t find anywhere in the scriptures where when someone came to Jesus needing healing, He turned them away because it wasn’t the Father’s will to heal on that particular day or where He chose not to heal someone because by allowing that person to continue to suffer or even to die, it would accomplish the Father’s greater overarching sovereign purposes and more people would be swept into the kingdom.  Instead what we have done is create theology that supports the experience of life, versus contending for the faith based on what we know is truth according to His Word.

Again, if we can’t find it in the life and ministry of Jesus, we can’t find it in the Father and since Jesus is the exact representation of Him, we should expect Him to restore and heal each and every time.

So why is it then that sometimes people do not receive healing when prayed for?  Yes of course, this question is the one that I am asked most frequently when this topic comes up.  I’m still on a journey with respect to this.  I don’t claim to have complete revelation and knowledge as to the answer, and I can confidently say I have experienced this scenario on more than one occasion myself.  I had a dear friend die of cancer a few years ago and we were both believing for his healing to manifest.  At the same time, I myself have been completely healed of depression and I’ve witnessed others receive healing at the hands and prayers of other believers.  Just the other day I prayed for a 10 year old boy who had a severe earache in his left ear and a mild fever.  After praying three times, the ear opened and the earache was gone however, the fever did not leave.  It left after a couple of days – I would say probably due to the body’s normal healing process but I’m not certain.

I’m not going to go create a new theology because the ear was healed but the boy still had a fever.  Instead, I’m back on my knees asking for more intense fellowship with the Holy Spirit which will allow me to walk in a greater dimension of faith regarding the truth of His Word.  Eventually, no effect from the curse of sin will stand in the way of me revealing and manifesting the complete love the Father has for another person.

Let’s believe His Word and contend for the faith and see what the Holy Spirit will do through us when we go all in!

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